Rental Income Program
Investors and owners can also enjoy the Tax Free Income from the Leaf Cay Resort Rental Program set up for our Leaf Cay Villa and Bungalow owners, knowing that the Bahamas has No Sales Tax, No Income Tax, No Inheritance Tax and No Corporation Tax.

Another appealing aspect of owning a residence at Leaf Cay Resort is the flexibility to own an appreciating asset that offers you the freedom of having your own vacation home while also being a TAX FREE income producing asset through the Resort Rental Program if you so wish. If you choose, your property will be managed and rented by a team of professionals to ensure you receive the highest rate of income while protecting your asset year round.

Rental Returns
The Bahamas and the Exumas islands are a very popular vacation destination with a very buoyant rental market. Renting your Villa or Bungalow on Leaf Cay is an excellent way to defray your ownership expenses as well as a great way to earn some income for you and your family to use when you come to the Bahamas for your vacation.